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Is It Time To Refinance Yet?

Is It Time To Refinance Yet?

Homes and MoneyHere’s a quick note to let you know how I can help you—or anyone you feel comfortable introducing me to.

How do home owners know when it’s time to refinance their mortgage? Good question. Refinancing makes a lot of sense when the prevailing rates are lower than a person’s current mortgage rate. But there are other ways to look at refinancing. For instance, many people can significantly lower their payments by extending the life of their loan. Others can benefit from reducing the payment period and paying off their homes faster at a similar payment to what they’re currently paying.

Every situation is different. As a Mortgage Consultant, I take the time to present and discuss different scenarios with my clients to ensure they’re getting the best solution to fit their financial goals. So if you, or anyone you know, would like help figuring out the right refinancing option, don’t hesitate to contact me directly, or better yet, get started with a loan application now! I’m here to help in any situation.

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P.S. Who’s the next person you know who’s thinking about refinancing? Please introduce us so I can help them evaluate their options. Contact me directly to make that introduction.