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Fall In Love With Your Home!

Fall In Love With Your Home!

Purchasing a Home In the FallHere’s a quick note to let you know how I can help you—or anyone you feel comfortable introducing me to.

If you or someone you care about had been thinking about buying or selling a home in the spring or summer and decided to wait, there is a subtle yet important shift to moving in the fall that deserves consideration.

Summer moves are often triggered by family needs, while fall and winter moves are frequently influenced by external factors such as work. Whether you are buying or selling, here are critical seasonal influencers which affect the value of a home.

Spring/Summer Move:

  • More houses on the market
  • Families have more free-time
  • People want to move

Fall/Winter Move:

  • Fewer homes on market
  • More serious buyers searching
  • People need to move

The next time you notice a person who is falling into an autumn or winter move or refinance, and you know they’d benefit from my help, call or email me immediately. I promise they’ll be delighted you introduced us.

Always on your team,